Precipitation amounts of 10 to 50 mm (.40-2.00) was reported between the Pacific Coast and the Cascades while little no precipitation observed further east.

Western United States

Temperatures averaged 6C to 9C (12F-18F) below normal across the High Plains and eastern Rockies during the past week, with locally larger negative

departures of -10C to -11C (20F-22F). Lows plummeted below -20C (-4F) in mountain valleys as far south as northeastern Nevada and southwestern Colorado while subfreezing lows dominated the United States all the way to the Mexican

border. The mercury failed to climb above freezing throughout Montana, the

Dakotas, and northern Wyoming.


Moderate to heavy precipitation of 50 to 150 mm (2.00-6.00) dominated eastern Oklahoma, southern and central Missouri, and central Illinois, with lesser amounts 25 to 50 mm (1.00-2.00) prevailing elsewhere during the third week.


Little or no precipitation fell on the Gulf Coast and Florida during the

Third week. During the last 8 weeks, rainfall of 10 to 160 mm (.40-6.40) was reported in the region.

Eastern and Southern Canada

Precipitation amounts of 25 to 100 mm (1.00-4.00) was reported during the 4th-10th in parts of the mid-Atlantic, New England, most of the eastern United States and southeastern Canada reported only 10 to 25 mm (.40-1.00).

Northeastern United States and Canadian Maritimes

Temperatures averaged -2C to -7C (4F-14F) dominated eastern New York, New England, and the Canadian Maritimes, with lows of -20C to -30C (-4F--22F) prevailed across the area the last week. The mercury remained below freezing across most of New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and the central and eastern portions of Nova Scotia.

Southern Canada and Northern United States

Temperatures averaged 2C to 6C (4F-12F) below normal the third week, with weekly departures approaching -8C (18F) at some scattered locations. Lows of -30C to -37C (-22F- -35F) dominated south-central Canada while the mercury dipped below -20C (-2f) as far south as northwestern Iowa.


Central Brazil

Rainfall amounts of 25 to 100 mm (1.00-4.00) of rain to some locations, however most of central Brazil received less than 25 mm (1.00) as unusually

dry weather prevailed across the country from the Andes eastward to the

Atlantic Ocean.

East-Central Argentina

Rainfall amounts of up to 200 mm (8.00) was reported across northern Cordoba while amounts of 50 to 100 mm (2.00-4.00) of precipitation fell across the remainder of the region.

Middle East


Little or no precipitation fell on much of Turkey for the 7th consecutive

Week as of the second week.



Scattered showers fell across most of the region during the send week. Amounts ranged between 25 to 50 mm (1.00-2.00), most of the region received only

10 to 25 mm (.40-1.00) as dryness intensified across northeastern South Africa. Torrential rainfall of 100 to 200 mm and locally up to 500 mm (4.00-8.00-20.00) brought relief to much of Zimbabwe and extreme southern Mozambique.


Cool conditions again prevailed over southern Niger and adjacent areas as

temperatures averaged 3C to 6C (6-12F) below normal, with the mercury dropping to 7C (43F) at Magaria, Niger during the second week.


Storms drenched northeastern Botswana, Zimbabwe, and central Mozambique with

heavy rain of 50 to 230 mm (2.00-9.20).


Southern Siberia and Adjacent Parts of Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and Adjacent China

Temperatures averaged 6C to 8C (12F-16F) below normal across northern Kazakhstan,southwestern Siberia, and southeastern Siberia. Lows of -20C to

-52C (-4F- -60F) dominated Siberia, Kazakhstan, and the extreme northern portions of Mongolia and China, and the mercury failed to reach -20C (-4F) across much of eastern Siberia. Readings across the entire region remained below -10C (14F).



Weekly temperatures averaged 2C to 6C (4F-12F) dominated eastern South Australia, western New South Wales, Victoria, and Tasmania, with highs of 40C to 42C (104F-108F) covering interior portions of South Australia and western New South Wales.


The remnants of Tropical Storm Abigail brought torrential rains of 100 to 200 mm (4.00-8.00), with locally heavier amounts of 500 mm (20.00) to northern Western Australia and northwestern Northern Territory during the last week.