JULY 2001



Western and Central 


Temperatures averaging 2C to 5C (4F-10F) above normal dominated the Intermountain West, Rockies, and High Plains. The mercury climbed above 40C (104F) across the desert Southwest, Utah, and the central High Plains.




Little or no rain fell on northwestern Texas, eastern New Mexico, eastern

Colorado, Oklahoma, western Kansas, and southwestern Nebraska during the past 4





Rainfall has been below normal from the eastern Dakotas southeastward into

Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota during the past 4 weeks, with rainfall

less than 25% of normal in parts of Iowa and southern Minnesota.


West Virginia


Serious flooding resulted from heavy precipitation  with up to 130 mm (5.20) in parts of West Virginia during the 7th-8th.   




Moderate rain showers were restricted to a few locations along the Gulf Coasts

of Louisiana and Texas and to parts of Kansas while dry weather, characterized

by scanty rains of less than 10 mm (.40) dominated the south-central United States from the Mexican border northward to southern Nebraska during the third week.




Light rainfall of 25 to 50 mm (1.00-2.00) brought limited relief to parts of eastern Illinois, southern Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and southwestern Pennsylvania, but most of the region received little or none.





Little or no rain fell in the lower elevations of southeastern France, northern

Italy, and southwestern Germany while moderate rains of up to 50 mm (2.00) fell across much of the higher elevations.




Heavy rain of 100 to 200 mm (4.00-8.00), fell across southern Poland and eastern Slovakia this past week while moderate rains dominated the remainder of the region during the last week.



Southern Europe and Northwestern Africa


Temperatures averaged 2C to 4C (4F-8F) above normal from northeastern Morocco and northern Algeria northward through eastern Spain and southern France to southern Germany. The mercury soared above 40C (104F)in northeastern Algeria while readings reached 30C (86F) as far north as central France and southern Germany. The mercury remained above 20C (68F) at some locations in northeastern Algeria, eastern Spain, southeastern France, and Italy.



Western Asian Russia


Scattered thunderstorms spread moderate to heavy rains of 25 to 80 mm (1.00-3.20) across south central Siberia.





Little or no rain again fell on much of northern Nei Mongol and Heilongjiang

Provinces of China and the adjacent portions of Russia. Showers produced 25 to 60 mm (1.00=2.40), however, relieved dryness in parts of Russia and southern Heilongjiang.


Central and Eastern 


Temperatures averaged 6C to 9C (12F-18F) above normal across north-central Siberia while temperatures were 2C to 6C (4F-12F) above normal across central Siberia, eastern Mongolia, the central and eastern portions of China, and most of Korea and Japan.


Southeastern China, Vietnam, and the Philippines


Typhoon Utor struck the northern Philippines with high winds of up to 185

Kph (115 mph) and torrential rain of 150 to 250 mm (6.00-10.00) before smashing into Hong Kong and Guangdong Province of China. Remnants of Typhoon Durian brought additional heavy rain of up to 330 mm total (13.20) to Guangxi Province and northern Vietnam.


Southeastern China and Northern Vietnam


Storms brought moderate to torrential rainfall of 50 to 250 mm (2.00-10.00) to much of the Provinces of Guangdong, Guangxi, and Hainan in southeastern China and to northern Vietnam during the third week.


Southeastern China and Northern Vietnam


Typhoon Yutu brought heavy to torrential rains of 50 to 250 mm (2.00-10.00) to China's Provinces of Guangdong and Guangxi and to northern Vietnam.





Temperatures averaged 2C to 4C (4F-8F) below normal across northwestern India, with the largest negative departures reported in northwestern Madyah Pradesh.