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Local Climate Data

Local Climate Data
Kearny,  NJ


Temperature Data  
High 36.6   Low 22.6             
Average Monthly  30.17                
Departure From Normal  -1.5

Normal  31.6       
Highest  55  on21

Lowest 4 on 24

Number of Days With  
Maximum 32F or Below  7  
Maximum 90F or Above  0    
Minimum 32F or Below  29

Minimum 0F or Below 0
Precipitation .01 or More  10
Snow & Ice 1.0+ and More  8
Heavy Fog 1/4 mi. or less  3

Thunderstorms  0
Clear   14
Partly Cloudy 10
Cloudy  7

Heating Degree Days                      
Total This Month 1076            
Departure From Normal +28  
Normal   1048                                    
Total for the Season  2788
Departure From Normal -52

Normal  2840

Cooling Degree Days
Total This Month  0
Departure From Normal  0
Normal  0
Total for the Season  0
Departure From Normal  0

Normal  0


Precipitation Data
Total for the Month 3.39  inches
Departure From Nor1mal-.67  inches
24-Hours  1.10  on  26-27

Normal 3.86  inches


Wind Data
Average Speed 6.0  mph
Average Direction  WNW
Fastest  27
Direction NNE

Date 27

Snow & Ice
Total  35.8 inches
24-Hours  18.0  on  26-27
Departure  +26.4 inches
Normal  9.4”

Pressure Data
Highest  30.49  on  24

Lowest  29.39  on 8

Averaged  29.94

JANUARY 2011: The month featured a ridge in the West and a trough in the East. The PNA was positive, the NAO negative and the AO was also negative.

The temperature averaged 30.1F and was 1.5 degrees below normal. The month ranked as the 12th coldest such month on record (1977) and the coldest since 1996.  The month was also the 3rd consecutive month with below normal temperatures.  Nineteen days average near or above normal. Temperature extremes included 55F on the 2nd and 4F on the 24th. There were 10 days with maximums of 40F or higher. There were also 29 days with maximums of 32F or lower.      

Precipitation totaled 3.39 inches and ranked as the 21st driest such month on record and the driest since 2004. The month was alsi the 4th consecutive such month with below normal precipitation. There were 10 days with measurable precipitation. Most of the month’s rainfall fell on the 26th-27th.  Snowfall was also above normal with 35.8 inches.  This January was the snowiest on record (1976-77-2010). The most received in a 24-hour period was 18.0 inches on the 26th-27th.  There were 14 clear days and 7 overcast days.

Jim G. Munley, jr.

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