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Local Climate Data

Local Climate Data

Local Climate Data
Kearny,  NJ
MAY 2011


Temperature Data  
High 71.6   Low 56.0             
Average Monthly  63.8                
Departure From Normal -1.1

Normal  64.9       
Highest  88  on 30

Lowest 46  on 6

Number of Days With  
Maximum 32F or Below  0  
Maximum 90F or Above  0    
Minimum 32F or Below   0

Minimum 0F or Below 0
Precipitation .01 or More  10
Snow & Ice 1.0+ and More  0
Heavy Fog 1/4 mi. or less  0

Thunderstorms  4
Clear   15
Partly Cloudy  8
Cloudy  8

Heating Degree Days                      
Total This Month113            
Departure From Normal -30  
Normal   143                                    
Total for the Season 4755
Departure From Normal  -159

Normal  4914

Cooling Degree Days
Total This Month  79
Departure From Normal +4
Normal  75
Total for the Season  96
Departure From Normal  +8

Normal  88


Precipitation Data
Total for the Month 6.63 inches
Departure From Nor1mal- +2.25  inches
24-Hours  2.36  on 18

Normal 4.35  inches


Wind Data
Average Speed 7.2  mph
Average Direction  E
Fastest  19
Direction NNE

Date 10

Snow & Ice
Total  .0 inches
24-Hours  .0  on  0
Departure  .0  inches
Normal  .0”

Pressure Data
Highest  30.34  on 2

Lowest  29.56  on  15

Averaged  29.98

MAY 2011: The month featured a generally negative NAO index and a positive PNA index. The month also had a return of a blocking in the high latitude at the end of the month as the AO index trended negative.  

The temperature averaged 63.8F and was 1.1 degrees below normal. The month ranked as the 12th warmest such month on record and the warmest since 2009.  Only 7 days averaged near or below normal.  There were 7 days with maximums of 80F or higher and 6 days with minimums of 50F or lower. Temperature extremes included 88F on the 30th and 46F on the 6th.         

Precipitation totaled 6.60 inches and ranked as the 6th wettest such month on record and the wettest since 1979. The month was also the 4th consecutive month with above normal precipitation. The month was featured a closed low during the mid-month period with heavy rainfall.  Most of the months rainfall occurred during the 15th-23rd with 5.72 inches of rain was recorded. There were 10 days with measurable precipitation. The most to fall in a 24-hour period was 2.36 inches on the 18th.  Then conditions turned milder and drier. There were 15 clear days and 8 overcast days.

Jim G. Munley, jr.

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