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1st-8th…A wave of low pressure surged northward along the Eastern Seaboard on Monday, while a frontal boundary extended across the Pacific Northwest and the upper Intermountain West. Winter storm warnings and winter weather advisories were issued across parts of the northern Mid-Atlantic and southern New England on Monday as a low pressure system moved across the region. A mixture of rain and snow moved over a handful of states, as Coatesville, PA, reported a midday total of 8.0 inches of snow, while Centerville, MA. reported a midday total of 3.0 inches of snow.

Another wave of low pressure ushered rain and snow across the western U.S. on Friday, while a weaker area of low pressure moved across the central Rockies and central Plains.

An active weather system brought another round of rain and snow to the West Coast and the Intermountain West on Friday. Winter storm warnings were issued in a handful of states, including Oregon, California, Nevada, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, and Colorado. Polk, Ore., reported a midday total of 7.0 inches of snow, while Lane, OR, reported a midday total of 4.0 inches of snow. Meanwhile, rainy weather moved across southern Oregon, northern California and central California on Friday, as North Bend, OR, reported a midday total of 0.38 inches of rain, while Blue Canyon, CA, reported a midday total of 0.36 inches of rain.


9th-15thA low pressure system pushed northward along the Eastern Seaboard on Thursday, while an onshore flow from the Pacific continued to usher precipitation across the Northwest. A low pressure system worked its way northward along the Eastern Seaboard on Thursday and provided a blast of winter weather to a handful of states. Winter storm warnings were issued from North Carolina to Maine due to heavy snow showers, while a mixture of rain, freezing rain and sleet skimmed across coastal regions. Wayne, PA, reported a midday total of 7.5 inches of snow, while Colebrook, CT, reported a midday total of 6.5 inches of snow, 7.0 inches in Greensboro, NC, and 3.9 inches in Huntsville, AL. At the same time, freezing rain glazed parts of northern Georgia and the Carolinas. High pressure kept the majority of the Southeast and Gulf Coast warm and sunny, as Marathon, FL, recorded a mid-day high of 77 degrees.

Meanwhile, a separate low pressure system shifted eastward across the upper Midwest on Thursday, driving snow showers across Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and Michigan. Brown, Wis., reported a midday total of 1.7 inches of snow. A cold front behind this low pressure system provided cold, blustery conditions to the northern Plains, as Crosby, ND, recorded a morning low of -11 degrees. An area of low pressure just to the north of Washington continued to usher rain and snow across the northwestern U.S. Spotty showers pushed across portions of northern California, Oregon, and Washington, while snowy conditions moved over the Cascades and the Rockies.


16th-22ndThree cows and a calf died and several homes sustained minor damage when severe weather rolled through Putnam County Sunday afternoon. The Putnam County Emergency Management Agency believes the damage is a result of straight line winds. Nickel sized hail was also reported, according to the National Weather Service. Hollister fire department Chief Robert Davenport said two barns were destroyed during the storm that hit the area just before 2 p.m. At least 15 firefighters responded to the area of Red Oak Lane to clear the roads of heavy debris and assess damage. Hunter Davis, 15, says his father's cows died after being struck by lightning. "I actually seen the lightning bolt come down and it made like a pop sound and whenever it made that the sound the cows just kind of fell over," said Davis. The Davis family property near Red Oak Lane suffered some fence damage and a two-thousand dollar loss with the unfortunate loss of their cattle.

Davis says he was home when the storm hit and said it sounded like a train. "I looked out the window and I seen the wind, the trees just blowing over everything, and limbs just coming by and I looked out you could barely see in front of you, you could probably see about 15 feet in front of you," added Davis. No human injures have been reported, Davenport said.


Jim G. Munley, jr.

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