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1st-11thA cold frontal boundary extended from the central Rockies to the Mississippi Valley on Wednesday. Winter weather advisories were issued across the Mississippi Valley, the Ohio Valley and into the Northeast on Wednesday as snowy conditions accompanied a cold front. The heaviest snow associated with this system impacted Kansas, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania and New York. Van Buren, Mich., reported a midday total of 5.50 inches of snow, while Kalamazoo, Mich., reported a midday total of 4.0 inches of snow.

A strong winter storm moved away from the East Coast on Friday, which allowed for snow showers to come to an end for the Northeast. Storm totals ranged from 10 inches at Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania to 6.5 inches at Columbia, Maryland. Fulton, New York reported 19 inches of snow from this system and New York City saw 6 inches of snow at Central Park. As this system passed.  The West, another strong winter storm developed over the US and Canadian border. This system created a wintry mix of rain and snow showers across the Dakotas, with heavy snow showers over Montana, Minnesota, and northern Wisconsin. Heavy snow showers also developed north of the border in southern Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario.

A cold frontal boundary extended from Florida to New England on Monday, while a high pressure system continued to dominate the central U.S. A cold front pushed an active weather system across the Eastern Seaboard on Monday. Snowy conditions developed behind the front in New England and parts of the Mid-Atlantic. Heavy rain moved through Maine, while lighter rain lingered along the Mid-Atlantic coast. Buckhannon, WV, reported a midday total of 2.60 inches of rain, while Augusta, Maine, reported a midday total of 1.28 inches of rain.

A strong low pressure system ushered moderate to heavy precipitation across the central U.S. on Friday, while rainy weather moved across the Eastern Seaboard along a frontal boundary. Heavy precipitation pushed over the central Plains and the middle Mississippi Valley on Friday as a low pressure system developed over the region. A strong onshore flow from the Gulf of Mexico allowed for thunderstorms to form, which triggered flood watches across Arkansas and Missouri. Mena, AR, reported a midday total of 1.81 inches of rain, while Corsicana, Texas, reported a midday total of 0.86 inches of rain. Meanwhile, parts of Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa and Illinois experienced a mixture of freezing rain, sleet and snow. Along the East Coast, a frontal boundary stretched from Florida to the coast of Virginia. Rain and thunderstorms developed to the northwest of the front, as Camden, SC, reported a midday total of 2.39 inches of rain, while West Palm Beach, Fla., reported a midday total of 1.37 inches of rain. Out West, low pressure ushered rainy weather across parts of Oregon and western Washington, while heavy snow showers impacted the Cascades and northern Rockies. Missoula, Mont., reported a midday total of 10.0 inches of snow. The Southwest stayed clear of precipitation on Friday.

Gusty winds knocked down trees throughout northern Georgia and the Carolinas on Saturday as severe storms brought heavy rains, tornado watches, and flood warnings.

In Charlotte, North Carolina, a man died in a weather-related car accident. According to police, the 33-year-old motorist was driving through heavy rain when the car ran off the road, turned sideways in the wet grass and the driver's side struck a utility pole. Three other passengers in the car, including a toddler, were taken to the hospital, but had no life-threatening injuries, police say. At Raleigh-Durham international Airport, also in North Carolina, wind gusts reached 85 mph, which was higher than the wind speed recorded at the airport during hurricanes Ivan and Fran, according to the National Weather Service.

High winds blew down part of a condo that was under construction, leaving behind a heap of plywood, according to CNN affiliate WTVD. Thousands lost power in parts of North and South Carolina, according to Duke Energy. In Georgia, firefighters successfully rescued a teenager from a mobile home after it was hit by a tree Saturday morning. "The 14-year-old girl was trapped between the tree and some flooring that had already been knocked away," said Tim Cavender, a spokesman for the Cherokee County Fire Department, north of Atlanta. He said the girl was in serious condition when she was taken to the hospital, but was alert and talking with paramedics. A 2-year-old was rescued, suffering only minor abrasions. Meteorologists say a cold front that pushed off to the east produced widespread showers and thunderstorms that stretched from the Gulf Coast northward into New England. Severe thunderstorms also struck coastal areas of the Southeast. The South wasn't the only area hit hard by storms Saturday. High wind gusts of up to 85 mph were recorded in Browning, Montana, according to the National Weather Service.


12th-18thA cold frontal boundary extended from the Gulf Coast to the Great Lakes on Monday. A cold front ushered a band of precipitation between the central and eastern thirds of the country on Monday. Flood warnings were issued in the lower Mississippi Valley, as a swath of rain stretched from Alabama to Pennsylvania. Heavy showers and thunderstorms developed along the Gulf Coast due to a surge of warm, muggy air from the Gulf of Mexico. Galliano, LA, reported a midday total of 1.23 inches of rain, while Boothville, LA, reported a midday total of 1.10 inches of rain. Freezing rain advisories were also issued in portions of northern New England as precipitation approached the region.


19th-25thA swath of heavy snow moved across the eastern third of the country on Tuesday as winter storm warnings were issued throughout the Ohio Valley, the Mid-Atlantic and New England. Monongalia, W. Va., reported a midday total of 8.0 inches of snow, while Westmoreland, Pa., reported a midday total of 5.0 inches of snow. An arctic air mass also swept across the Northeast as wind chill warnings were issued in a handful of states. Watertown, NY, recorded a morning low of -29 degrees with a windchill factor of -41 degrees, while Mount Washington, N.H., recorded a windchill factor of -67 degrees. To the south, a separate frontal boundary drove showers and thunderstorms across Florida, as well as the coasts of Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina.


An extensive cold frontal boundary moved southward off of the Gulf Coast on Friday, while a separate frontal boundary pushed over the northern Plains and upper Midwest. A cold front moved southward, away from the Gulf Coast states on Friday, while freezing rain, sleet, and snow lingered over several states. Winter weather advisories and winter storm warnings were issued in eastern Texas, southern Louisiana, and southern Mississippi, as midday temperatures ranged in the 30s. Vernon, La., reported a midday total of 3.0 inches of snow, while Tyler, Texas, reported a midday total of 2.0 inches of snow.


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