1st-6thIsolated snow showers moved across parts of the South and the upper Midwest on Monday, and freezing temperatures extended into Florida. Snow showers moved through Mississippi and Alabama into northern Georgia before dawn. Freezing temperatures were reported as far south as Collier County in southwestern Florida, and Savannah, GA, chilled to a record low for Jan. 1 of just 19F, the National Weather Service said. Snow showers also spread across Tennessee and eastern Kentucky and into western Virginia and North Carolina.

Farther north, occasional snow showers scattered from Iowa through parts of Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania into western New York state.  In the West, an area of snow showers moved from Montana across Wyoming into northern Colorado. Fog lingered into the afternoon in some valleys of California, Idaho, Utah, Oregon and Washington.

Light snow spread from the Great Lakes into the Northeast on Wednesday while an icy chill remained settled over parts of the South. Gusty winds swept the West, and a cold front moved into the Northwest. In northern Florida, about 30 percent of southwest Florida's vegetable crops have been wiped out because of this week's freeze. Rain fell in the Pacific Northwest and spread into Idaho and western Montana. In the West, dense fog reduced visibility in parts of Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho and Montana, where winds gusted to more than 50 mph.

A storm system swept across the Northeast on Friday, bringing light snow to an area stretching from Maryland into New England. Accumulations were generally less than 3 inches. Snow also fell in the northern Plains and over the Great Lakes. Elsewhere, a system moved into the Northwest and northern Rockies, bringing clouds and scattered rain and snow. Clouds covered parts of Washington, Oregon and Idaho and spread across Montana. Winds remained strong along the eastern Rockies, with a 60-mph gust reported at Cut Bank, MT. High clouds spread across Southern California and into southern Arizona and New Mexico, while parts of the Rockies and Southwest were dry, with generally clear skies.


7th-13thScattered snow fell across the Midwest, Great Lakes and Appalachians on

Monday, while a separate system brought up to 8 inches to the mountains of California. Two to 8 inches of snow fell in parts of West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Rain fell along the North Carolina and Virginia coasts, while clouds swept the South and thunderstorms moved into Florida. In the West, a cold front brought much-needed rain to California. Scattered showers also fell in western Washington and Oregon, with a mix of snow in the Cascades and the Sierras.

A gusty storm pushed ashore in Northern California on Wednesday, bringing heavy rain and strong wind. A separate storm dumped rain on parts of the Texas coast, while the rest of the nation was mostly dry. In the southern Plains, nearly an inch of rain fell on parts of east Texas and southern Oklahoma. The storm system drew upon moisture from the Gulf of Mexico and spread into Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri and Kansas. Elsewhere, snow tapered off in the Northeast and dry conditions dominated much of the South, Midwest, the Great Lakes region, Rockies and Southwest. Scattered freezing rain fell across the northern Plains.

Strong winds and heavy rains combined with high tides in Southern California caused some coastal flooding on Thursday and was threatening more damage. In the East, a cold front dropping in from Canada brought blustery winds and light snow showers to parts of New York and northern New England. The southern New England states through the Mid-Atlantic states were mainly dry. The lower Gulf states saw a mix of freezing rain and sleet and showers also fell from the lower Ohio Valley through Alabama and pushed into western Georgia. The storm that had battered the California coast headed for the Southwest bringing heavy rain and thunderstorms to southern Nevada and western Arizona, as well as the Utah valleys. At higher elevations in the West, nearly a foot of snow fell in the mountains in California, Nevada, Arizona and southern Utah.

Snow fell in the eastern Rockies and the Cascades Saturday, while scattered snow showers developed over parts of the northern Plains. Heavy snow was reported in western Kansas as well as Montana and Colorado. Snow also fell in Idaho, Nevada and Utah. The Southwest, from central and southern California through western Texas, was dry. Skies throughout most of the New England states, Mid-Atlantic and Southeast also were clear. The only exception was a few snow showers in northeast New York. Low clouds covered much of the Great Lakes and the Tennessee Valley. Rain showers pushed over Iowa, Missouri and Arkansas, and a storm system headed into the central Plains and Texas moved through the Mississippi Valley.

The Pacific Northwest and northern Rockies were mostly cloudy.


14th-20thA storm system dropped one to three inches of snow on interior portions of New York and Pennsylvania on Monday. Upper atmosphere low pressure over the central and southern Rockies spawned 4 to 8 inch snows in southern Utah and Nevada and into Arizona. Snow also fell in accumulations of one to three inches in parts of Wisconsin, Michigan and the Ohio Valley. A wintry mix of snow and ice hit New England, with ice building up along the coast. A trailing cold front produced showers in the Southeast and along the Gulf Coast. There was heavy morning fog in the lower Plains and rain in south Texas. Scattered snow showers and flurries fell across the Dakotas. The West Coast was mainly fair and dry.

A line of strong to severe storms pushed across parts of Alabama, Florida and Georgia on Friday. Rain also spread through the parts of the Tennessee Valley, the Appalachians and into northern Virginia through far southern New England. Western and central Kentucky and Tennessee, as well as northeastern Mississippi, were hit with a mixture of snow and rain and sleet. Snow fell in the middle and upper Ohio valley to western and northern Pennsylvania, western and northern New York state and northern New England. In the West, a storm system moved into the Pacific Northwest. Scattered, light showers fell in western Washington and northwest Oregon.


21st-27thHeavy snows hit the Northeast Sunday, with winds as strong as 50 mph along the coast. Areas from New Jersey to Maine generally received 3 to 7 inches of snow, with as much as a foot in eastern Pennsylvania. Wind gusts higher than 50 mph were recorded in Nantucket and Provincetown, MA, and Belmar, NJ Skies cleared in the afternoon over most of the Northeast. Northern Michigan also saw some light snow, but accumulation remained under an inch. The remainder of the eastern third of the United States had clear to partly cloudy and dry conditions. The central states were mostly dry, with a few snow and rain showers in southwestern Oklahoma and northern Texas. Rain and snow also touched the Pacific Northwest, with more than an inch of rain reported on the Oregon coast and as much as four inches of snow in the Cascades. Most of the rest of the West had clear to partly cloudy skies.

Snow in eastern North Dakota and northern Minnesota headed east Tuesday into the Great Lakes, while light snow showers lingered in New York state around Buffalo and Saranac Lake. Skies were mostly cloudy in the southeast, with rain showers, some locally heavy, in southeast Florida. Skies were partly cloudy to clear from the Gulf Coast through the Ohio Valley and into the Mid-Atlantic states. Snow showers fell in the mountains of Nevada and Utah and along the Montana-Wyoming border. Clouds blotted out the sun in Arizona, western Colorado, and New Mexico. Skies were clear to partly cloudy over the central and southern Plains and northeast Texas. California saw cloud cover over most of the state, while morning clouds and fog in the Pacific Northwest gave way to partly cloudy skies.

Clouds increased over western Montana, Utah, western Wyoming and western Colorado Wednesday, and were expected to bring occasional snow showers. Lighter snow was scattered across Michigan and was beginning to increase over western and far northern New York. As much as three inches accumulated in central upper Michigan. Light snows are slipped toward northern Indiana and northern Ohio. Rain showers spread over western Washington, western Oregon and northern California. Steadier, more moderate rains fell in central California through the Los Angeles Basin. Storms were pushing into the Great Basin area and western Arizona. Lower clouds also hovered in northwest and deep south Texas and southern Louisiana. Some light snow fell near Amarillo, Texas. Areas of the northern Plains, the eastern Rockies and Southwest were dry and skies were clear to partly cloudy.

Snow fell Friday in parts of the Midwest, including Wisconsin and parts of Michigan, Illinois and Indiana. To the east, from New England to Florida, dry and fair conditions prevailed. Fair conditions were reported behind a storm system that headed into the Mississippi Valley. The western Dakotas through most of Kansas, Oklahoma, western and northeastern Texas were dry with generally partly cloudy to fair skies. It was also mostly dry from Washington to Montana, into eastern Colorado, New Mexico and eastern Arizona. Low clouds lingered in Montana and Wyoming, though. Meanwhile, a storm moving into Southern California brought clouds into the state and to Nevada and Utah, Idaho and eastern Oregon.


28th-31stA strong storm system brought heavy rain to the Mississippi Valley on Monday, while a wintry mix of snow, rain and ice hit the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley. Rain fell from Missouri through Louisiana, into Illinois, western Kentucky, western Tennessee, Mississippi and western Alabama. Severe thunderstorms and strong winds pushed through southeast Louisiana and central and southern Mississippi. Snow, sleet and freezing rain fell in southern Wisconsin, southern Michigan and northern Ohio. Freezing rain also fell in Iowa and Illinois, bringing ice accumulations of up to one inch. Snow fell across parts of Iowa, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Wyoming and Colorado. Western Washington and Oregon saw rain showers, while snow fell from the Cascades through the northern Rockies.

A low pressure area over the eastern Great Lakes produced snow and rain throughout the Northeast Tuesday, with accumulations of 6 inches in northern New England. Rain and thunderstorms were scattered across the Southeast. A new disturbance moved into the northern Plains, bringing cloudy skies and scattered snow showers to the Dakotas, Minnesota, Nebraska and Iowa. Eastern Kansas, northeastern Oklahoma, Texas and Missouri were mostly dry and windy. In the Pacific Northwest, onshore winds blew clouds over Washington and eastern Oregon, with showers and snow showers in the Cascades and eastern parts of both states. Snow dusted Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. In the Rockies, there was scattered snow in eastern Utah, Colorado and northern New Mexico. Winds were strong along the Rocky Mountain front range, with gusts over 40 mph. The desert Southwest, Great Basin, California and western Oregon were dry, with partly cloudy to fair skies after morning fog in interior costal valleys. There were strong winds in the desert.